Wireless Dealers Support


We Support Carrier commission reconciliation for Cricket, Metro, Boost and all other carriers

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We handle the inventory mangagement by providing support for phone ordering, RMA Support Service, Inventory Tracking and many more.

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We support you with all other types of reconciliation on Fees, Coupon, Bill Pays, Clover, Phone Payment Plans to prevent any fraud by the employees as well as to decrease any loss to the minimal amount.

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DAccountingPayroll and Tax

We support day to day book-keeping, payroll, tax permits and filing requirements.

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Welcome, Wireless Dealers!

Commission Reconciliation for Dealers

We are a team of professional service experts in wireless Industry. With over 8 years of expertise in handling all the carier commission reconciliations, inventory management, fraud prevention and operations support, we ensure your needs are managed in a professional and reliable hand. We have expertise in reconciliation, inventory management, accounting, Sales Tax, Use Tax, payroll management and tax permits.

Our Packages service are always based on the benchmarking the best practices in the wireless industry. Our priority is to focus on complete details, accurate reports and timely filings. We leverage six sigma principles to streamline your management process. All our services are governed by the Service Agreements entered with you. We assign a dedicated account manager who ensures that our expertise strengths are applied in every step of the process. At all times, you will have the status update of your operation details through our secure customer server. Your dedicated account manager also remains in contact with you on any updates and data requirements and make sure your expectations are met.


  • “Wireless Dealers Support is one of the best. I must say they are experts in carrier commissions.”
    Fahim Khan,
  • “My account manager is awesome. He handles my activity with professionalism and is time oriented.”
    James Coloway,
  • “I would like to thank WirelessDealerSupport for their expert service that really streamlined my operations burden. Now my reconciliation, accounting and monthly taxes are on time and accurate.”
    Javier Philips,